Become a true Harry Potter with this incredible set of Floating Candles!
09.14.2023 | harrypotterproduct | floating candles

What makes these floating candles with wand a unique gift?

Right off the bat, the Harry Potter floating candles with wand help you embrace the idea of being a wizard. With your purchase, you receive 20 LED-based hanging candles, which can be hung from the ceiling or various other locations. But the best thing is that it's all a game, and you want to light up the most candles using your attention span and focus.

The floating candles are inspired by the top-selling Hogwarts Legacy game. They take the idea from the game and bring it to real life while still conveying an exceptional time and a gratifying experience. The advantage of these floating candles Hogwarts is that they are very easy to use, really feel like they're floating, and provide the feeling of becoming a magician to anyone. In addition, the floating candles Harry Potter game is very competitive. You can play along with your kids or let them have the ultimate wizard face-off.

A very easy-to-use remote

The remote in this package is a stunning wand which helps imbue that feeling of wizardry and fun. The wand is 14 inches long and has buttons on it. These can help turn the lights on and off, and the middle button lets you activate the light's stance accordingly. With this great wand, you can embrace the feeling of being a wizard while showing off your magic skills. Plus, it's easy to reset the position of each candle to change the décor as needed!

One of the standout things about these floating candles with wand is that you can actively practice your magic skills. That makes the map with floating candles come to life, and you can easily mix and match the location of each candle. Yes, the product is geared towards kids, but it can be just as good for any Harry Potter fan, regardless of their age.

Setting up the candles is very easy

Right from the start, when you use these Harry Potter floating candles with wand, you will find them very convenient and a pleasure to use. The candles are perfect, not too small but not too large. All the Harry Potter Hogwarts come in a pack with a 164-foot fishing line and 20 sticky hooks. That means you can set them up anywhere in your home without a problem.

Even if you have a higher ceiling, there's enough fishing line to hang them without issues. The sticky hooks you can find here are very durable and still stick to the ceiling quickly. Another benefit is that you can get creative with the location of these floating candles with wand; you can even hang them on the side for a truly magical experience.

Moreover, the floating candle pack also comes with 40 glue dots, making it easy to set up these candles anywhere. It's important to remember that every candle is durable and made from high-quality materials. They can even survive a small impact, although we recommend carefully setting them up to prevent any damage that can sometimes arise.

Using the floating candles as home décor

While these floating candles Harry Potter are meant to be a fun game, you can go the extra mile and turn them into an incredible décor piece. In fact, they can be a stunning decoration for any Harry Potter fan and an excellent Halloween decoration that will impress all your guests. After all, you don't have the regular candle lights that most people know and love.

Instead, you have stunning candles that float and a marvelous wand that will control when they turn on or off. Since the wand is a remote control, you can quickly turn them off/on from afar, thus impressing everyone. Add a great Harry Potter outfit, and you become a true wizard. The possibilities are limitless, making these floating candles Hogwarts an exceptional décor piece and a wonderful accessory for anyone who loves the Harry Potter world.

Every candle has its own battery

The interesting thing to note about these floating candles Harry Potter is that every candle has its own battery. You will need to install the batteries before placing the candle. That way, you can be certain it will all work as expected, without having to remove the candle from its place and install the batteries repeatedly.

Also, the installation is easy: you peel off that protective film, pick up the transparent adhesive with the bottom of the candle, and place it anywhere you want. Once you do that, you can start practicing with your wand and trying to turn off as many candles as possible. Try a single swipe or multiple ones, depending on your skill.

Receive an acceptance letter from the Magic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

One of the cool perks of getting the Harry Potter floating candles with wand is that every pack comes with an acceptance letter. The letter comes directly from the Magic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, adding to this magical gift's appeal. On top of that, you also get a map with floating candles and a set of instructions.

Even the product itself comes in a premium package that maintains that fantasy, unique allure of being a part of a magic school. If you get an outfit for the soon-to-be-wizard, you're getting an exciting result and a truly magical experience for your kids and the entire family as well.

Why should you buy the Harry Potter floating candles?

  • These are some of the most visually impressive floating candles with wand you can find on the market. They are very similar to the floating candles from the Hogwarts Legacy game and are very easy to operate.
  • Installing these Harry Potter floating candles with wand is very intuitive, and you receive clear instructions upon purchase.
  • The price is very affordable, and you receive a premium product with stellar packaging. This versatile product can be used as a competitive game, but it can also be a stunning Halloween decoration.
  • Each candle can be operated remotely, and you have complete control over where and how you place them. They look exceptional, especially during the night.
  • A lot of attention to detail went into creating every candle, yet despite that, they are effortless to use, and you can change batteries without hassle.If you enjoy the Harry Potter world and want to share a great gift with a Potterhead or maybe want to buy Harry Potter decorations, this set of floating candles is precisely what you need. Not only does it look exceptional, but it operates with ease, and you have complete customization options. Grab these fantastic floating candles Hogwarts today if you want to set up an incredible Harry Potter-inspired décor!