Floating Candles Review
09.14.2023 | harrypotterproduct | floating candles

Overall Build Quality


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Harry Potter fan, and anything related to it is an absolute obsession for me. Similarly, I’ve seen many other floating candles, but most of them always have the problem of broken low-quality bulbs, and the list continues.


However, with these lights, I won’t claim them to be super strong builds, but this is truly an amazing product for the price. The quality of the remote, especially when in the form of a smart 14-inch wand, is also decent. When holding these candles, anyone who has used some normal floating candles can easily differentiate in terms of build quality.



Floating Candles


These floating candles are, by far, the most realistic ones. With most of my previous candles, I’ve always noticed the issue of reliability and aesthetics. 


However, with these, you can easily hang them up on the wall supported by fishing strings and sleep peacefully. In the box, there is an additional double-sided tape and holders that can easily assure you that these candles will not fall anytime soon.


As for the build quality, I haven’t been disappointed. As previously mentioned, the hand feel of these floating candles assures me that I’ve spent in the right place. 


The Batteries used by the Floating Candles are 21AAA batteries, which can be easily found at any shop. Although this isn’t the most budget-friendly option, these batteries can easily last for a month, so it shouldn’t bother you.


The LED lights are also good. Even during the daytime, I can easily see the lighting, which is a great plus since many other Floating Candles lack this.


The thing which bothered me the most was the LED flashouts. This wasn’t the case with all of the 20 Floating candles, but I must say that from those 20,  you might find 2-3 candles going out for no reason at all and lit up again. It could be because of the Harry Potter spirits, but I live in a crowded place, so the spirits won’t be able to adjust in.



Alright, so the best part of this product, which forced me to write a review this long, was the wand. Honestly, if you’re a Harry Potter fan, nothing could be more satisfying than aiming in the air and boom! There are some Floating Candles lit up, especially when you have friends sitting on the corner sofa.


As for the quality of the wand, it’s decent. Not that you should try to drop-test the wand, but I liked its overall build, with the wand being just 14 inches long, not too wide, and not too heavy. There are two main buttons on the wand. One button is used for the Floating Candles, and the Middle Button is used to turn on the wand light.


The design looks exactly like the first wand from which Harry used to get his Potion Lessons from Professor Snape. 


Although the Wand (remote) uses simple AAA batteries. But if you’re someone like me who doesn’t know much about batteries and would get confused with different names, try contacting a local battery vendor. Simply take the wand to his shop, and he will provide you with the best-fitting batteries.


Because of the LED bulb, which I don’t find very useful in the wand, you might need to purchase an extra set of batteries. 




The Floating Candles come with a double tape inside the box as well as some additional holders to help you tie these to the ceiling. The fishing strings really do their job by camouflaging, and the candles don’t look like they’ve been hung from a string, especially from a distance. 


As for the double tape and holders, I haven’t experienced the candles falling until now, which means the holders have done their job perfectly. 


There is a minor problem with the sticking that often causes the candle to tilt a little bit if you aren’t careful while hanging it with the ceiling. The solution I have discovered is by hanging these candles right from the top side and taking a distance view to analyze if you’re doing it correctly.


Just recall the scene of the Hat Ceremony in the Harry Potter series, and you can easily understand the best way to arrange these candles.



As a Harry Potter Fan, I strongly agree that some better and premium options are available in the market for these Floating Candles Harry Potter themed, provided you have a huge budget allocated for your Home Hogwarts Setup.


However, if you’re someone like me who wants his house to look like Hogwarts for the next Halloween and other Parties without breaking the bank, I would recommend these Floating Candles. Obviously, there are some tiny problems with these candles, which even you can face while arranging them. I would request the Company to look into the springs of some of the bulbs because that’s the core reason for the sudden light out/light in issue found in some candles.


If you’re facing this problem with some bulbs, you should first check the batteries and then see if the springs that transfer the electric current are in the right position. If nothing is working, you can try removing 1 or 2 candle pieces because, let’s be honest: Removing a piece or two won’t have a gigantic effect on your ceiling’s magic look.


Hope you found this detailed review helpful.