Harry Potter Inspired Electric Floating Candles with wand
09.14.2023 | harrypotterproduct | floating candles

User experience

Wish you had the ability to wield magic like the wizard in the movie? Try using a remote-controlled magic wand. The 14-inch magic wand remote control that comes with it gives the decor a whimsical and amusing touch. Simply press the wand's switch to turn on or off the candles, and this magic wand will fulfill your small request. We included a separate button to turn on the wand light, unlike other Floating Candles with Wand. Press and hold the middle button to turn on the wand light.

Master your wand skill - With our wands, you can exercise your magical abilities in contrast to other wand-operated candle lights. You have to keep honing your wand abilities to open the enchantment of this floating candle.

Children can enjoy themselves while using their imaginations and developing their wand skills by competing to be the most powerful wizard. (TIP: By pressing and holding down the button on your wand, you can slow down your spell to have more control and light up more candles.)

ACCESSIBLE AND EASY TO USE - The 0.6" (D) x 5.9" (H) wand floating candles are included with 20 adhesive hooks and 164 feet of fishing line. With the provided hook, you may hang them anywhere you choose, or you can hang them from higher ceilings by using longer fishing lines. Find a novel and unique way to present it. If you wish to place some of the floating candles on a shelf, you do not have to build a line to do so.


LED floating candles are ideal for indoor decorations since they are Multipurpose INDOOR DECOR. The magic candles in this combination make for a very unique Halloween décor. A marvelous prank that will have the youngsters next door green with envy involves using a magic wand to light the candles in your living room and on your porch instead of regular candlelight. You'll become a true magician on this street thanks to it! IMPORTANT! ADD TO CART right at this movement to get your very own Hogwarts invitation

Review 1

These floating candles are the zenith of a benchmark. I got them since I am the greatest Harry Potter Fan ever. Once they arrived I couldn’t wait to open them and put them in my guest lounge. The whole kit took a lot of batteries but it doesn’t matter as I can now live in a real caricature of Harry Potter world and nonetheless, the batteries also haven’t died yet. The thing I adored the most was how all the candles flickered and none of them had any defects in them.  Some slight tweaking was required initially but the whole setup felt inexorably eye blazing. This product surely deserves 5 stars because it is so aesthetically pleasing and intricately crafted. The candles have this flickering effect that are just oozing cool and the strings used to hang them are also transparent. I will surely recommend these stylized Hogwarts Harry Potter candles to al my relatives. The package also had other miscellaneous yet delectable gifts such as a Hogwarts map. The candles are also super easy to use and require no technicalities.

Review 2

This set demonstrates some immaculate charm, not without its quirks though. The whole environ created is pretty and enchanting and I like the harry potter wand and the attention given to making its design impressive. It can become a tad bit more magical with some refinements and the led illumination does look a bit pedestrian but the whole thing has got quite the charm to it, a truly magical experience as one would say it and flicking the wand again and again just to see the phantasm created out of my hand movements is just so bewitching. It feels like I am actually Hermione Granger trying to teach Ronald Weasley how to say crescendo.

Review 3

Whew, oh wait no whew, because these candles are the closest I have gotten to having accomplished my very own do it yourself. I purchased them for Halloween this year and after purchasing the candles, I had this killer idea of just sticking to the whole Harry Potter theme of my house. It was so easy to convince the bystander kids that the candles were actually invisible and I was so proud of myself for pulling it off so effortlessly. It honestly exceeds my expectations as not one of them has fallen yet.

Review 4

Wished they also provided me with the batteries to operate this anomaly but other than this, it makes up for some spooky indoor fun. They seem around 6 inches long but it is enough to create the Hogwarts aesthetic, not to mention the fact that they can literally be used anywhere, how fun is that? Just love to watch them illuminate even though, separately their light becomes very stale, but that’s why they have 20 floating candles in their box. It is their way of telling you that they got you covered. They come with supporting material such as tapes and plastic discs to hang them so I guess this does compensate for no batteries

Review 5

Sleek design and meticulous details, have already made me a heart throb and how breath taking and surreal they look at night! I should have ordered more of them and just filled my entire house with it. This is also so cost effective in the sense that it can be reused. These faux candles are as real as you can expect and yeah there might be some problems in setting up the battery compartment but even Dumbledore had problems, just not in this area.